In teaching the Ten Truths from our book, “Your Mind: An Owner’s Manual for a Better Life” (Career Press, 2009), our desire is to provide skills and tools to help people to attain a Social Black Belt.

What is the Social Black Belt?

In the world of martial arts, the black belt is the highest standard of achievement. When one attains a Social Black Belt he/she does not look for trouble, but is prepared to deal with any situation that may arise, such as: peer pressure, rejection, and bullying, for instance. A Social Black Belt equips the individual with tools to establish a path of success in their personal and academic lives.

Social Black Belt Students overcome intimidating social situations head on, exemplifying leadership qualities when under pressure. They are the students that have the capacity to present in front of groups, communicate effectively when meeting new people, and inspire their peers to achieve greatness.

A Social Black Belt teaches the individual to be comfortable in their own skin and deal with people of all races, colors, creeds, and orientations with respect, kindness, and a true appreciation of human diversity


We have conducted two independent research protocols with the Social Black Belt. Results from the initial intervention revealed statistically significant results for the students that participated in the SBB program. They were able to deal with negative peers, understand how to work towards goals, empower themselves through assertiveness, realize that compulsive behaviors result from not addressing their thoughts and feelings, had better self-awareness, managed stress and understood their emotions better. The results from the second year again attained statistically significant outcomes for the students enrolled in the SBB program. Additionally, they also understood how to change unhealthy behaviors, improved communication and were more likely to seek mental health services in the future.

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