“We saw an impressive increase in the positive behaviors at the fourth grade level, and the parent anecdotal response has been overwhelming.”

Dr. Stephen Covert, Principal

“There was nothing short of a miracle that came across my desk every week from our Social Black Belt classes.”

David Jones, Principal

“I am going to try and tell my dad how I feel, I will use I statements and do it soon so he will know it is important to me.”

Girl Scout

“Now I see why my mom gets so mad when we are bickering, she is so tired from work all day!

I think me and my brothers can do more around the house, like help load the dishes.”

Phillipi Shores Elementary, 4th grader

“You are creating a kinder, gentler world one student at a time.”

Brenda Crocker, Teacher

“I see the students think before speaking out and hurting someone else, and they seem to be becoming kinder and more thoughtful of each other. A kinder world is being created, one student, one class, one day, and one emotion at a time. Parents have commented how happy they are to have their child involved in such a great program.”

Betty Crocker, Teacher

“We have used many different social/emotional programs, and I believe that SBB can have the most lasting impact on the emotional development of our students.”

Andrew Hicks, PHD Clinical Psychologist

“Two things I learned are important to me are learning to control my feelings and inner saboteur because it helps me feel like I can do anything.”

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Hollie, 4th Grade Student

“I think it should be at all schools-could help so much with behavior and making students responsible for their own mental “stuff.’”

Teacher Feedback, Train-the-Teacher Day

“I am in awe of how much they have learned about their emotions and social interactions…As a teaching veteran of 18 years, I wish I were given these tools to teach my former students who struggled with how to handle their emotions.”

Dawn Blaszyzck, Teacher

“Learning that the statements other people say about me are really about themselves really helped me.  I definitely think 100 percent of the students should take this class. It would stop bullying and violence and stuff like that.”

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Andrew, High School Student

Five Students Share Their Stories

Here at The Social Black Belt website “stigma” is not an option! Our mission to teach the Social Black Belt in every school to every child is a very challenging project…but we are completely dedicated to spreading the word that MENTAL HEALTH MATTERS!

These brave young adults have come together to share their stories with you so that you can be empowered and inspired to do the same. As you watch these videos remember the stories are real, the challenges we face are reality, and how we respond reveals who we are. Finally, strength comes in numbers so take a few minutes watch some videos then get crackin’ on your own story of inspiration!