Most parents expect to be the first line of defense for their children, but in today’s high speed world they often find themselves at the mercy of social media, video games and peer influence. Research suggests that social media has a greater influence upon our children than ever before. The Social Black Belt program equips students to gain greater comfort in their own skin, affording them skills and coping tools to learn the principles of wellness at a young age. Students learn through reading, online cartoon presentations, social media examples, and interactive classroom activities. If you are interested in having Social Black Belt at your school, please feel free to contact us.

Our goal is to provide an informative, educational and entertaining web-resource that helps you understand the issues your child faces and offers suggestions that can keep your loved one in school, stay away from drugs and alcohol, develop a strong sense of self, pursue their dreams and make you proud.

How can you reinforce the topics learned in school?

You are the most significant influencer on your child. The lessons that your child learns from you will be the foundation that they take with them throughout life. By becoming familiar with the 10 Truths you will be able to help your child develop a better sense of self-worth, personal conviction, positive core values and increase their likelihood of attaining their goals.

To learn more about the topics covered in the Social Black Belt, we welcome you to visit the Engage page where you can watch the Shared Stories and Mental Health Minutes videos and see what we have been up to on the News page. If you know someone who might benefit from watching the videos, share them with friends and co-workers. You have a unique opportunity to share the lessons that you have learned. Your wisdom can help another parent.

The Ten Truths & Take Control of Your Anxiety

The two psychologists behind the Social Black Belt co-authored Your Mind: An Owner’s Manual for a Better Life, a book written to help people understand and master ten simple psychological truths that are not taught in our schools. Their goal in writing Your Mind was to empower people of all ages to succeed in life. They also wrote Take Control of Your Anxiety, which helps you understand how anxiety starts, functions and contributes to our survival and growth, and its progression to pathology.