For over 100 years, the field of Psychology has conducted vitally important research, but only in the last several decades has the focus centered on the arena of wellness and prevention. And, admittedly, we have been woefully poor at disseminating this knowledge to the public at large. In light of this deficit, we humbly created a self-help book, “Your Mind: An Owner’s Manual for a Better Life”. This easy-to-read manual helps people to master important concepts, like how the human mind processes emotion and heals from emotional pain, as well as how to deal with the challenging behavior of others. The material within Your Mind enables patients to better understand the clinical material often covered in therapy. The Social Black Belt program (SBB), is derived from this book and teaches the same core “Ten Truths” to children in an exciting, age-appropriate manner. The goal of presenting the SBB to children is to promote wellness and decrease problematic behaviors at an early age.

As professionals working with young adults, you are well aware of the risk factors that can adversely impact the lives of young people. The SBB offers resources and links to programs in the area of youth prevention. We respectfully request your input.