Dear Supporters,

Thank you for your kind and generous support over the last five years.

It warms our hearts to see children and their families participating in social emotional leaning that is easy to implement and understand.

Over 5000 children in Sarasota County alone have received Social Black Belt! We have programs in Tampa Bay, St. Pete, Orlando, Maitland, Jacksonville, and even Georgia! This spring a new program will begin in New Jersey thanks to a new online platform for training.

There are many more stories that go unreported from school counselors, principals, and parents. They come to me excited to share how they used Social Black Belt with a child and by the end we are both in tears. It is that moving!

In 2016 we raised over $10,000 at our annual luncheon and Giving Challenge!

As promised, we have taken Social Black Belt to the next level as you can see with our newest event affiliations.

NFL Alumni and NFL Legends love Social Black Belt, and so should you!

The success of Social Black Belt has been proven time and time again. Help us spread the word that Sarasota, Florida has the best Social Emotional Learning program around by joining our social media pages.

Our dream of empowering children and families through Social Black Belt is well on it's way, come enjoy the ride!

- The Social Black Belt Team