“I see the students think before speaking out and hurting someone else, and they seem to be becoming kinder and more thoughtful of each other. A kinder world is being created, one student, one class, one day, and one emotion at a time. Parents have commented how happy they are to have their child involved in such a great program.”

 – Betty Crocker, Teacher, Center Academy

“We have used many different social/emotional programs, and I believe that SBB can have the most lasting impact on the emotional development of our students.”

– Andrew Hicks, PHD Clinical Psychologist, Center Academy

“Two things I learned are important to me are learning to control my feelings and inner saboteur because it helps me feel like I can do anything.”
-Hollie, 4th Grade Student

“I think it should be at all schools-could help so much with behavior and making students responsible for their own mental “stuff.'”

– Teacher Feedback, Train-the-Teacher Day, Pine View School

“I am in awe of how much they have learned about their emotions and social interactions…As a teaching veteran of 18 years, I wish I were given these tools to teach my former students who struggled with how to handle their emotions.”

– Dawn Blaszyzck, Teacher, Laurel Nokomis Elementary

“Learning that the statements other people say about me are really about themselves really helped me.  I definitely think 100 percent of the students should take this class. It would stop bullying and violence and stuff like that.”

– Andrew, High School Student